Emergency Generator

Take charge before the power goes out with a Home Generator System. This system is perfect for automatically backing up circuits such as refrigerators, boilers, furnace fans, sump pumps, water pumps or other types of load that you could not do without during a power outage. Mountain Home Electric (MHE) offers a full range of home generator systems. From professional sizing and installation to world class service and support turn to MHE for complete peace of mind. Here is how it works: Home Generator Systems feature a continuous fuel supply for either Natural Gas or Propane and are permanently connected to your homes electrical system for automatic response to a power failure.

  1. The home generator system's advanced electronics continually monitor your home's connection to local utility power.
  2. When utility power is disrupted, the system confirms that a true power outage has occurred and signals the standby generator to start.
  3. The system supplies back up power to your home until utility power is restored. When utility power is restored, the system automatically senses and restores utility power, and resumes monitoring until the next utility failure.