Roof Ice Melt

Ice dams that build up on in valleys, on overhangs, or in gutters can result in extensive damage to a structure. Mountain Home Roof Solutions (MHRS) is a local company that understands Roof Ice Dam problems in the mountain environment, has been providing roof dissipation solutions for over 15 years and knows what it takes to eliminate them.
While taking in all environmental considerations,

Mountain Home Roof Solutions provides a Roof Ice Melt System Design and installation based on the structure’s need with innovative control to reduce electrical operating costs.

Mountain Home’s Roof Ice Melt System Benefits:

  • Utilizes Eave Panels that require less heat cable
  • Wider Valley panels to provide greater heat dissipation
  • Direct heat transfer along the entire panel for maximum heat transfer
  • Standard Eave Panels width can be extended
  • Serviceable – the system allows full access to cable for future servicing or expansion
  • Using a Home Automation Controller to provide energy efficient operation
  • Access to your Roof Ice Melt controller through smartphone monitoring.